Manage Your Image Library

You can use the Manage Image Library section to:

  • Add new items (images, videos, audio) to your library
  • Edit existing library items
  • Add or replace audio and video associated with your library items
  • Delete items you no longer need
  • Categorize items to make finding and using them in boards easier
  • Duplicate stock images so that you can customize them

Keeping your library organized will save you time, reduce storage used on your device and increase overall performance of the app.


Open app Settings panel

Open the app settings panel by taping the gear icon (top left) on the app's main screen.

Tap on 'Manage Image Library' to open the image manager.


Navigating the Image Library

This screen is where you can see your image library, add new items and select exist items to edit or remove.

From here you can do the following actions:

  • Tap the plus (+) icon to add a new item to the library.
  • Tap any row to edit that item.
  • If you know the name/caption of the item you are looking for, you can use the search to quickly find it.

Using the Image Editor

The Image Editor is where you can control all the attributes of an item in your library.

From here you can do the following actions:

  • Add/edit the caption
  • Add an image. You can select one from the built in Choiceworks library, your photo library or use your device's camera *
  • Add audio by recording it using your device's microphone *
  • Add video. You can select one from your photo library or record one using your device's camera *
  • Assign categories to the image to control which areas on the boards you can use the image
  • Delete the item from the library

Note: * You must give the Choiceworks app permission to access your camera, photo library and/or microphone in order to use these features. If you are having trouble with these features, check the permissions by going to the Settings app, scrolling down to Choiceworks and make sure these permissions are enabled.