How to create custom images and audio

You can use your own images and record your own audio to customize your boards. These custom images become part of the app's image library so that they are available for use next time you need them.


Open Image Chooser

Tap on a placeholder box on any of the boards to bring up the image chooser dialog.

Open Image Editor

Tap on the camera icon in the top left to open the image editor.

Configure image

Set the image text by tapping on the text box on the top. Select an image by tapping on the camera button. You can taking a new photo a using your camera, choose an existing image from your photo library or use a stock Choicework image. Record a custom audio clip by tapping the red record button. Tap again when finished to stop the recording. The green play button will playback the audio so you can review it. Select one or more board areas to determine where this image can be used. Tap "Save" when finished.